Ignition Service Kit for EA113 and EA888 Gen1/2 Engines ( R8 Coils / BKR7EIX Plugs )

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Ignition Service Kit for EA113 and EA888 Gen1/2 Engines

Our Ignition Service kit for the EA113 / EA888 Gen1 & Gen2 Motors consistes of a set of OEM Red R8 Coilpacks, and a set of NGK BKR7EIX Spark Plugs. 
Everything you need to update and refresh your ignition system. 

OEM R8 Coilpacks: 
Dress up your engine bay with these Red coloured coil packs from the Audi R8
Add a hint of colour to your engine bay with these OEM red ignition coils. Includes a set of 4 coils to fix your mis-fire problems and add some colour to your engine bay in one easy step.
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer - i.e. these coilpacks are made by the manufacturer who makes them for the VW/Audi Group.

NGK Iridium BKR7EIX Spark Plugs: 
This set of 4 NGK plugs are an 'Iridium' Direct replacement for the standard 2.0T EA113 and EA888 Gen1 and Gen2 spark plugs.
These are recommended for most states of tune from Stock all the way through to Stage 2+
Pre Gapped, ready to fit!

- 2.0 'T FSI' - EA113 Engine
- 2.0 and 1.8 'TSI' EA888 Gen 1 Engine
- 2.0 'TFSI' Gen 2 Engine

Suitable for the following EA113 - 2.0T Engine Codes: 
- AXX - BHZ - BJW - BPY - BUL - BWA - BWE - BWJ - BYD - CDL - 

Suitable for the following EA888 Gen 1 - 1.8T and 2.0T Engine Codes: 
- BYT - BZB - CAB - CAW - CCZ - CDA - CDH -

Suitable for the following EA888 Gen 2 - 2.0T Engine Codes: 
- CDN - CES - CET - CJK - CPM -


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