The Race Haus Story

When you need parts for your car, there's no better place than Race Haus. With thousands of aftermarket products and an ever-growing selection covering just about every make or model on the market today, we have what it takes to get enthusiasts back onto roads with big smiles across their faces!
Our team has worked hard at building up this business so they can provide customers access not only locally but also internationally where needed most; meaning those living overseas can enjoy many benefits too without having any limitations whatsoever when ordering online ̶ making sure we're helping UK drivers save money by cutting down travelling times while still receiving top quality service each time.
We offer an extensive range of high-end performance products for your vehicle, including only the best quality aftermarket tuning solutions. We ensure real-world gains in horsepower and torque with a reliable operation that won't break down on you during those long legs!
We have a deep passion for cars and are excited to share our love of high-quality performance with you. Our years in the UK's car modification scene have given us all sorts of qualities, like excitement for sleek modifications - just take a look at what Race Haus hosts! 
Those who want something more than meets the eye when it comes to their performance parts store; should check out the annual KULTURSCHOCK car show hosted by Race Haus at Gateshead International Stadium. It's where you can see some significant modifications and meet dedicated enthusiasts who share your passion for cars!
Focus On Performance
At Race Haus, we pride ourselves on being the best Performance Parts shop in the UK. We've got everything you need to take your car to the next level, whether you're looking for a new exhaust system, high-performance brake callipers, or custom steering wheels. We only stock the highest quality parts from the top manufacturers in the business, so you can be sure that you're getting the best possible performance for your money. And our team of experts are always on hand to offer advice and support, so you can be confident that you're making the right choices for your car. So if you're serious about Performance Parts, Race Haus is the only place to go.
Customer Service
We are committed to providing outstanding customer service and will do everything we can to ensure you have a great experience with us. We're available 7 days per week, 24 hours per day - 365 days out of the year! Our friendly team members can answer pre-sales questions before placing an order or help fix anything after your purchase). Let us know how we might assist by giving us a call at 0191 694 1234 number or contacting us Via WhatsApp.