EBC Audi 8S 8U 8V Bluestuff Ndx Trackday Front Brake Pads - Ate Caliper DP51513/3NDX

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The EBC Brakes Bluestuff NDX Race Formula is an ultra-high friction race pad that delivers exceptional stopping power, with a friction level that peaks above 0.6 under braking. This makes it one of the most powerful brake pads on the market, capable of generating more G force than most other pads out there. Despite its impressive performance, the NDX is also suitable for street use, as it bites well from cold.

One of the key advantages of the EBC Brakes Bluestuff NDX Race Formula is that it is one of the world's FIRST AND ONLY out of the box pre-bedded race pads that is surface "heat seared or scorched" at the factory. This means that the pad has already been broken in, reducing pad bed-in time on the street or track. Additionally, the NDX's non-metallic aramid base reduces rotor wear and eliminates the firework display spark emitted in high-speed braking by competitive semi-metallics. However, there is an amount of dust with these pads.

Another benefit of the EBC Brakes Bluestuff NDX Race Formula is that it is enhanced with ceramic granules, making it a true premium upgrade pad range for all vehicles. With these pads, you can expect to experience drastically reduced disc wear and enhanced pad life, as discs wear smooth and flat without ridges.

The EBC Brakes Bluestuff NDX Race Formula is compatible with several high-performance Audi models, including the RS3 (2.5 Turbo) 8V (2015 — 2020), RSQ3 (2.5 Turbo) 8U (2015 — 2020), and TTRS quattro (2.5 Turbo) 8S (2016 — Present).

Upgrade your braking performance with the EBC Brakes Bluestuff NDX Race Formula. Experience enhanced stopping power and reduced rotor wear today.

In the box

  • 1 x EBC Front Brake Pad (Left)
  • 1 x EBC Front Brake Pad (Right)


  • Great at handling extreme temperatures
  • Enhanced stopping performance over OEM pads

Compatible models

  • RS3 (2.5 Turbo) 8V (2015 — 2020)

  • RSQ3 (2.5 Turbo) 8U (2015 — 2020)

  • TTRS quattro (2.5 Turbo) 8S  (2016 — Present )

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