The Toyota Supra is a sports car manufactured by the world’s largest automobile manufacturer. The name was first used in 1978 when the vehicle's first generation came out in dealerships. The car was a huge hit, which led Toyota to make one model after another. However, the Supra was abandoned by the Japanese manufacturer after the MK4 was produced. The last Supra MK4 rolled out of the factories in 1998, much to the chagrin of car enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the car community continued to worship the car long after Toyota ended production to record their defiance.

Fortunately, Toyota listened, and the company revisited the Supra nameplate to make another model.


Toyota MK5 Car Parts

The Toyota Supra MK5 came out in January 2019 and was seen as a thing of beauty. The car was smaller, more aerodynamic, and more powerful. All the qualities of the previous Supra models were present except one big thing. The heart of the car – its engine – was not Toyota-made. 

Disappointment for Fans

The Toyota Supra MK5 had all the relevant badging, looks, and performance. But the fans discounted all of that because the engine was loaned from BMW. 

The same engine that powered the BMW Z4 breathed life into the Toyota Supra MK5. Of course, that is not a bad thing at all! But enthusiasts complained that the MK5 is nothing if its ‘soul’ is not Japanese. Perhaps the upheaval was because Toyota engines are renowned for their reliability and performance, and BMW does not have the same reputation in the market. 

Moreover, the previous model’s 2JZ engine was and still is highly popular among street racers. So, why couldn’t Toyota produce the engine in-house? They could have designed a new 6-cylinder, and the company could have improved the 2JZ's initial design and technology if that cost a lot. None of that happened because the company didn't want to drain money as they did with the Lexus LFA. 

Therefore, the world got a Toyota Supra MK5 that is arguably not a Supra at all. At least, that is what the diehard fans believe. 

Performance and Looks 

The new fans don’t concern themselves with the car’s legacy and love it for what it is. Don't get us wrong; the Toyota Supra Mk5 is a work of art. The vehicle can be listed as a modern beauty because when you look at it, you are at a loss for words.

Supra Car Parts

The BMW-sourced engine is not too bad either. It makes more power in the Supra version than in the BMW Z4, so MK5 fans have that working for them. 

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